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Proposals for Comprehensive Immigration Reform 2013


As you may already be aware, a comprehensive immigration reform plan is currently at the negotiating table in the U.S. Senate. Democratic senators: Schumer (NY), Derbin (IL), Menendez (NJ), and Bennet (CO) along with Republican senators: Rubio (FL), Graham (SC), McCain (AZ) and Flake (AZ) have come together and taken the lead to address this issue of immigration reform. This bipartisan group of senators or "The Gang of 8" have been working hard in hopes of meeting a self-imposed March deadline.

Once the plan is finalized, success would require consideration by the full Senate and the House.

The following is a list of the key provisions currently on the negotiating table:

  1. Tough but fair road to citizenship
    1. It would be a strict process to obtain citizenship
    2. Probationary citizens would be required to:
      1. Pass an additional background check
      2. Learn English
      3. Pay taxes
      4. Show history of employment
    3. Documented immigrants would be addressed first
    4. Undocumented immigrants would receive green cards after all probationary citizens have been processed
    5. There would be a different process for the "Best and Brightest" including highly skilled workers and those with higher education
    6. Immigrants in the probationary category would not be eligible for federal benefits
  2. Increased border control which would include more border agents, aerial surveillance, and drones
  3. New system would be created to ensure that visa stays are being adhered to
  4. A Commission of Border Lawmakers would be created to aid in legislation
  5. An effective employment verification system would be enacted to prevent identity theft while allowing employers to feel secure in hiring documented immigrants

Please keep in mind that this list is not exhaustive. These provisions are merely proposals. The provisions can be modified, approved, or denied at any time. Until comprehensive immigration reform is finalized and signed into law by President Obama, the current immigration laws apply.

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