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Preventing Immigration Fraud


On June 27, 2013, the US Senate approved a 1200 page Immigration Reform Bill that basically promises to create a path of citizenship for the millions of undocumented individuals in the United States dependent on the Federal Government's approval of stricter border security rules.

While its approval in the US Senate is a positive step for this country's Immigration laws, this Immigration Reform Bill has also had its negative effects.

Unfortunately, there are many so-called "professionals" who are taking advantage of undocumented individuals who could potentially benefit from the Immigration Reform Bill if it were to pass. Currently, these so-called "professionals" have promised undocumented individuals certain positive results in their immigration cases based on the immigration reform. Please keep in mind, this Immigration Reform Bill is not current federal law. Therefore, there is no way that these "professionals" can promise anyone anything based on the immigration reform.

In addition, some of these so-called "professionals" have told undocumented individuals that they must pay the "professionals" a certain amount so that the undocumented individuals can be placed on a waiting list for the immigration reform. There is no such waiting list for the immigration reform and no such fee that needs to be paid to be placed on a waiting list.

Your immigration case should be handled by an experienced immigration attorney who is licensed to practice law. A licensed attorney should be able to show proof of membership of a State Bar.

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