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DJs Committing to Residencies Across the United States


"With the scene blowing up in America, Vegas is so much fun now…It's the right time to do it. I do everything on my gut feeling, and I felt like it's gonna be awesome there. I've been to Ibiza for 10 years, and I love Ibiza, but I always look for something new and a new challenge."


The nightlife has grown in Las Vegas, Nevada and with it, a demand for EDM DJ and Producer residents. It is no secret that EDM is the rising staple for nightclubs across the United States with Las Vegas as its EDM capital. As such, international DJs and Producers are continuously working hard in the studios to create and produce the music that is hoped to be performed for the American nightlife.

So, what must an international EDM DJ or Producer do to be able to work in the United States and obtain these coveted residencies?

An individual DJ or Producer would need to obtain an O-1 Visa and a group of DJs or Producers would need to obtain a P-1 Visa. O-1 and P-1 Visas are both nonimmigrant work visas for entertainers. In order to obtain either of these two visas, the DJ or Producer would need to, at the very minimum, show three main things:

1. A job offer or proposed work in the United States

2. An agent or employer who will serve as the petitioner

3. Substantial publicity

Keep in mind that the above mentioned list shows the bare minimum requirements for obtaining an O-1 or P-1 Visa. Each individual case should meet the bare minimum requirements, but should be handled on a case by case basis. If you are an international DJ or Producer and you would like to obtain information that is specific to your case in hopes of obtaining an O-1 or P-1 Visa, please call our office today at (562) 464-6934 and speak to one of our attorneys.