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Two Deferred Action Applications Approved in Less Than 6 Weeks


Our first deferred action case consisted of preparing separate applications for two twin young ladies.Both applications were approved by USCIS (immigration) in less than 6 weeks!

About The Clients

The twin young ladies had recently graduated from high school. They both thrived while in high school. They received excellent grades, participated in their high school's dance team, and often volunteered in their community. Upon graduating from high school, both of the young ladies enrolled in college.

Unfortunately for the twin young ladies, they were not born in the United States and did not have the proper documentation to be in the United States legally. This meant that in order for them to be able to attend college, the two young ladies would have to pay all college expenses. In order to be able to pay all college expenses, the two young ladies would have to find work. However, without proper documentation to be in the United States legally, the two young ladies would need at least a work permit in order to obtain work.

Deferred Action Process

The twin young ladies called our office inquiring about the deferred action program. An attorney from our office met with the young ladies in a free consultation. We determined that the young ladies did qualify for deferred action and accepted them as our clients.

It took our office less than one week to prepare both applications. Once the application packets were ready, our office sent the packets to USCIS.

Approximately two weeks later, we received notice that both young ladies had their biometrics appointments. They attended their biometrics appointments on their scheduled dates. Approximately three weeks after the biometrics appointments, the two young ladies' applications for deferred action were approved.

The two young ladies received work permits for two years and any potential removal action against the young ladies was deferred for two years. Now the young ladies are working, paying their college expenses, and attending college.

If you meet the requirements for the deferred action program and you are interested in applying, please contact our office. The Law Offices of Michael M. Felix is committed to assisting and representing you in submitting your deferred action request to USCIS. Contact our office at (562) 464-6934 and speak to one of our attorneys today.