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Petitioner and Beneficiary Contract


Keep Copies of All Correspondence

The petitioner applying for an O-1 visa will file a Form I-129, Petitioner for Nonimmigrant Worker, with the USCIS. To avoid delays in processing, the immigration service advises filing at least 45 days before the employment start but not more than 1 year before. Part of the application requires certain documentation including the agreed terms between the parties in the form of a contract. A written contract that clearly lays out the agreements, signed and dated by both parties is preferred.

In the modern age where individuals communicate via email or other means during negotiations, and for practical reasons, the government will accept an oral contract as long as it contains what the employer offered and what the employee accepted.

Keep copies of all of your emails, or other forms of correspondence used to back up the agreement if necessary. Ideally, provide a written summary of the agreed upon terms.

Will the USCIS Accept Your Contract?

Naturally, you want to have the visa approval process go as smoothly as possible. Time is of the essence when there are tight schedules to meet in big projects or events. It is important that the contract meet the strict standards of the USCIS.

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