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Extension of Stay for O-1 Visa


A Project Has Taken Longer Than Expected

In spite of careful planning of an event, film or television project, unforeseen occurrences can cause a delay and lengthen the time to completion. The inability to wrap up a project because of needed time to procure additional funding, a natural disaster, personnel problems, or a variety of other issues can stretch the project beyond on the schedule. In the midst of the pressure to conclude your activities, do not ignore the expiration date on your O-1 visa.

It is possible to apply for an extension and give you the valuable added time necessary to complete your work. The stated start of employment and end date is the valid period one can lawfully work. There is a grace period of 10 days before and 10 days after the valid period but the beneficiary cannot work during those times. The process to extend a stay is filing of Form I-129, copy of the beneficiary's Form I-94 (the arrival/departure record), and a statement from the petitioner with an explanation for the reason for the extension (Form I-539 for spouse and children). The USCIS makes the determination on the time necessary for completion and figures it in increments of up to 1 year.

Make sure your supporting documents are in order and your filing is timely and accurate. The Law Offices of Michael M. Felix can help you with the entire application for extension of stay.