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P-1 Visa Approved for Italian-based Latin Dance Group "Tropical Gem"


We are excited to share that we have achieved a P-1 Visa approval for Italian-based salsa and Latin dance company Tropical Gem! Tropical Gem is officially recognized as one of the top salsa and Latin dance groups in the world. The principal members of Tropical Gem have performed as expert dance instructors, judges, and celebrity dancers in Latin dance congresses, festivals and events in countries such as Spain, Israel, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Japan, Russia, Romania, Morocco, Poland, Canary Islands, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Greece, Italy, Singapore, Argentina, Peru, and Canada just to name a few.

The P-1 Visa will now allow them to share their expert dance routines in the top Latin dance congresses held across the United States such as the Las Vegas Salsa Bachata Super Congress, the Miami Salsa Congress, and the BIG Salsa Festival in San Antonio, Texas just to name a few.

We are ecstatic to have been able to achieve Tropical Gem's first P-1 Visa and we hope to help you achieve your first P-1 Visa. If you are a foreign-based dance group, and you would like to apply for your first P-1 Visa and/or a renewal P-1 Visa, please call our office today to schedule your free consultation with our attorneys at (562) 406-2124.