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O-1 Visa Petition Approval for International Swedish Model Pixee Fox!


The Law Offices of Michael M. Felix has obtained an approval of an O-1A Visa Petition for Pixee Fox, an international glamour and cosplay model who has gained significant recognition for her extraordinarily beautiful appearance as a living-walking doll. Pixee Fox has undergone numerous surgeries at various medical facilities across the world specifically to achieve her doll-ish appearance. As a result of her surgeries and her extraordinary appearance, Pixee Fox is in high demand to appear as a glamour and cosplay model for various Expos, Conventions, Trade Shows, Conferences and other Professional Events.

Pixee Fox's O-1 Visa approval is significant because it demonstrates that USCIS (Immigration) also recognizes non-traditional and non-high-fashion models as individuals of extraordinary ability. If you are a glamour and/or cosplay model and you would like information on how to obtain an O-1 Visa, please contact our office today for your free consultation at (562) 406-2124(562) 406-2124.