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Nonimmigrant Waiver: Recent Success Story


Recently, our office prepared a nonimmigrant waiver that was approved at a U.S. Embassy in 5 days. This particular nonimmigrant waiver was prepared on behalf of a member of an internationally recognized music group. This music group has won and performed at several notable American award ceremonies such as the Latin Grammy Awards and the Billboard Music Awards. In other words, it is reasonable to expect that a member of this internationally recognized music group should have no problem with obtaining a visa to work in the United States.

Unfortunately, this individual had previously used a tourist visa to work in the United States. Because of the magnitude of this music group's popularity, the Customs officials at the U.S. Port of Entry were aware that this individual had performed in the United States with a tourist visa. Thus, the next time this individual attempted to enter the United States with a tourist visa, the officials denied this individual's entry and cancelled the tourist visa.

After the individual's tourist visa was cancelled, the individual applied for a work visa. The petition for this individual's work visa was approved by USCIS in the United States. However, the individual had an issue when the individual interviewed at the US Embassy. The individual was denied a work visa at the US Embassy because of the individual's prior tourist visa cancellation.

The individual is a necessary component to the internationally recognized music group's tour in the United States. Because of the nature of the business contracts entered into between the music group and American music venues, it was impossible for the music group to cancel its concerts. Therefore, the music group had to employ a substitute for the individual while the individual worked on obtaining the work visa.

The individual contacted our office. Our office worked on both the work visa petition and the nonimmigrant waiver for this individual. Once this individual's work visa petition was approved by USCIS, our office prepared the individual for the individual's appointment with the US Embassy. The individual went to the interview mentally prepared with the nonimmigrant waiver prepared for the individual by our office. After the individual's interview, the Embassy official told the individual that it would make a decision on the individual's case in one week. 5 days later, the Embassy contacted the individual and told the individual that the waiver had been approved and the work visa would be issued.

This is one example of the nonimmigrant waivers our office prepares. At the Law Offices of Michael M. Felix, we take pride in our work and while no attorney can ever guarantee a favorable decision on a nonimmigrant waiver, our office can guarantee that our attorneys will work their very best in preparing waivers for all of our clients. Please call our office today at (562) 464-6934 for a free consultation with one of our licensed attorneys.