K-4 Visa (Step-child)

K-4 Visa (Step-Child)

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An American citizen may apply for a K-4 Visa for a foreign born step-child. The K-4 Visa allows the foreign born step-child to travel with the K-3 Visa parent to the United States, remain in the United States for two years and also provides the opportunity for the foreign born step-child to attend the Legal Permanent Residency interview inside the United States with the K-3 Visa parent and American citizen step-parent.

A foreign born step-child is eligible for a K-4 Visa if:

  • The marriage between the American citizen step-parent and the foreign born parent occurred before the foreign born step-child’s 18th birthday
  • The foreign-born step-child’s parent is also applying for a K-3 Visa

If you are an American citizen and you would like to apply for a family based petition and/or a K-4 Visa for your foreign born step-child, you can do so by calling our Los Angeles immigration office today at (562) 445-4870. Free consultation.

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